About Us

First Lynnhaven Baptist Church is a “Christ-Centered and Kingdom Focused” Congregation! What does this mean?

No church can be everything to everyone. Therefore, we have made the Spiritual commitment to simply be what God has called the church to be: an agency of Christ-like love that keeps Kingdom work and ministry at the center of everything we do.


As a member of First Lynnhaven, the following are extended to you:


Biblically-based, doctrinally-sound preaching and teaching of the Word of God by a seminary trained pastor and spirit-led Christian educators

Bible Study

Bible Study, Sunday School, Vacation Bible School and Leadership materials provided at no cost to you and your children


Opportunities to do Christian Missions work and Evangelism


Special Christian Education and Leadership Seminars


Pastoral visitation during hospitalization, and upon request, in your home


Fellowship participation, including our Annual Easter Egg Hunt, Church Picnic, Thanksgiving Fellowship Meal, and more


Youth trips for ministry, education, and fellowship

Food Pantry

Monthly food pantry participation


Academic Tutoring for middle and high students


Membership participation in our fellowship affiliations

Pastoral Care

Free pre-marital counseling and funeral service by the Pastor

Worship Times

Sunday School: 9:30 a.m. | Morning Worship: 10:45 a.m.